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The Airport is a location that hosts all aerial vehicles as well as multiple heist objects. It contains the Plane, the Scout, the Buzzard, the Cobra, the Falcon, the Warhawk, and the Nighthawk. The Jetpack is also located in the Airport.

The Airport is located to the right of the Prison's parking lot gate, on the east side of the island and in front of the Criminal Base.

The Airport is divided into two parts. There is a bridge that connects the two parts, and the entire airport rewards a total of 14,500Cash.png.

The left section has an ATM and nine breakable suitcases, and the right section has two ATMs, four cash stacks, ten breakable suitcases, and the room that houses the Jetpack. The Airport's ATMs are located underneath the stairs of the smaller section, and next to the pillars to the sides of the Airport's doors in the larger section. The ATMs can be hacked by Criminals in order to gain 1,000Cash.png each. Inside the Airport, there are 19 total suitcases located on a baggage carousel. Each suitcase will award 500Cash.png to the player, totaling up to 9,500Cash.png for all 19 suitcases. The four cash stacks also award 500Cash.png each. Police and Heroes can also take the cash stacks.

Jetpack Room

Main article: Jetpack

The Jetpack room can be accessed using the Boss Keycard. Once the keycard has been acquired from the Nightclub, the door leading to the Jetpack can be opened.


  • The Airport was originally a single runway, but was changed on the February 16th, 2019 update.
    • The Jetpack mission was added on the same update along with new vehicles.
    • Previously, anyone who had access to the Jetpack room could obtain it but it was changed to only those who have the keycard. If a player without a keycard enters the room, they will not be able to obtain the Jetpack.
    • When the Airport update initially released, there was an error regarding the purple suitcase that caused it to award 5,000Cash.png to the player rather than the regular 500Cash.png. This was fixed in a later patch.
    • In the March 20th, 2020 update, the location was revamped again, increasing the size and the amount of cash obtainable.
  • It has the most maximum cash obtainable of all mini heists.