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Apartments are a series of locations that players can use as a form of housing.

Players can customize the interior of their apartment with a variety of wallpapers and furniture, which will save upon leaving the server or resetting. Similarly, apartment buildings are a one-time purchase.

Multiple apartments can be hosted in the same building, allowing for the ability for players to visit others' apartments.

The "Home" app on the Phone provides players with three options to tailor their experience. The player can lock their apartment, change their respawn point to their apartment, and disable all radios playing inside an apartment.


There are currently five apartment buildings in Mad City:

Apartment Cost Image Location
Utopia Towers Penthouse 5,000,000Cash.png
Near the Bank
Sea Breeze House 2,000,000Cash.png
RobloxScreenShot20190929 131137141.png
Near the prison bridge
Grand Park Apartment 750,000Cash.png
RobloxScreenShot20190929 131025667.png
Near the Nightclub
Casino Park Home 100,000Cash.png
Near the House Heist
Basic Home 0Cash.png
Near the Casino Park Home


  • Map markers are automatically disabled while inside an apartment, but can be re-enabled with the options in the Phone.
  • Players are unable to crawl or access their inventory while inside an apartment.