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The Bank is one of the eight primary heists available for Criminals to rob. This heist can reward up to 3,000Cash.png or 6,000Cash.png with the VIP game pass, and 150 XP, or 300 XP with Double XP upon completion.

Outside, there are two ATMs that can be interacted with for 1,000Cash.png. After the Bank has been robbed and closes down, all players will be teleported outside and it will have a six-minute cool-down period until it will open again.


The Bank is a tall gray and black-striped twisted rectangular skyscraper with five different "cubes" that make up its structure. Floating on top of the building is a three-dimensional Roblox logo. Near the top of the building there is a billboard that shows the most wanted criminal in the server along with their bounty. It has "BANK" on the front of the building. There is a clock (Note the clock is decoration, not displaying actual in-game time ) above the "BANK" lettering. The bottom of the building has a set of windows surrounded by pillars, with a few benches to the left. There are two pairs of automatic doors on the left and right of the front of the building.


The Bank's flooring mostly consists of red carpet. On the first floor, there is a desk with an opening behind. There is a staircase that leads to the second floor, with only a laser grid as its obstacle. Past the laser grid is the vault room with many intersecting lasers. The third and final floor contains a zipline to the large tree in the park.


To start the heist, a criminal must traverse through the first two floors to get to the vault room. They will have to dodge stationary lasers on their way there. All of the lasers can effortlessly be bypassed if the criminal has a Jetpack or becomes a flying Villain. Once they reach the vault room on the second floor, the criminal will have to touch a black rectangle in front of the vault to plant C4 on the vault, which will open the vault after a short period of time. Once opened, the vault will give access to money through stationary means, as the bank does not have "Heist Objects" to collect. Once a set amount of cash is obtained, there is an escape route just outside the vault room, with stairs leading up to lasers that block the zipline window. Criminals may also just exit through the front doors.


  • The Bank was revamped on November 30th, 2019, along with the Casino.
    • Its exterior was changed once again following the Live Event on May 9th, 2020.
  • It, along with the Cargo Ship, are the only heists that do not have Heist Objects in their vault, and allow players to stand still during the heist.