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Bounties are cash rewards that can be collected by Heroes and Police. There are two boards (one in the Police Base, one in the Hero Base) that show up to six players' bounties. There are most wanted boards on the Bank and in the park showing the player with the highest bounty in the server. Bounties are accumulated passively as a Criminal or Villain, increasing by 50Cash.png every 30 seconds.

Collecting Bounties

To collect bounties, one must be a police officer or hero. If the wanted player is killed by heroes, then the full bounty is rewarded (doubled with the VIP game pass) to them along with 25 XP. For police, the amount of XP rewarded scales along with the criminal's bounty. If a player is arrested by Police, the full bounty will also be awarded. Killing a wanted player as a police will only award 50Cash.png and 20 XP, and the player will get sent back to prison. Once a player's bounty is collected, said player returns to the Prison and their bounty is reset to zero.