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The Cargo Plane is one of the eight primary heists. It was added in the June 29th 2019 update. Like the Cargo Ship, it only appears periodically. Completing this heist rewards 5,000Cash.png or 10,000Cash.png with the VIP game pass, and 300 XP, and 600 XP with Double XP.

Similar to the Nightclub, Police are also able to raid this location.



Crates can be pried open with a Crowbar to attain collectible weapons. Each player can collect a maximum of five weapons (or ten with the VIP game pass). Each weapon is worth 1,000Cash.png. 300 XP is rewarded upon completing the heist. Players can obtain the Crowbar when interacting with a crate or finding it under the staircase.


Upon entering the Cargo Plane, players will be locked inside until the hatch is opened. If any player has opened the hatch, it will be open for all players until the plane itself departs.

  • The first obstacle is located behind a broken door that must be crawled underneath to pass. Here, the room is filled with two sets of pipes that spray deadly steam on-and-off on the same interval, akin to the Pyramid's flamethrower traps.
  • Upstairs, several spinning lasers are present as well as various static lasers. They may be avoided by remaining on the perimeter of the room or by jumping over them.
  • Past the lasers and through a doorway is a locked door that can be hacked and opened by interacting with a keypad next to it. Inside is the cockpit with a red button that can be pressed to open the hatch downstairs.

Players must then return to the front room and walk out through the open hatch. Any players remaining in the Cargo Plane when it despawns will die.


  • Before the heist was revamped in the February 25th, 2020 update, players could obtain the Lazerblade from it.
  • The bombs inside the Cargo Plane are identical in appearance to the bombs dropped by the Falcon and Nighthawk.
  • Once the Cargo Plane has spawned, players will have 9 minutes to rob the plane before it becomes inactive, killing all players still inside of the Cargo Plane. After 8 minutes, a beeping noise can be heard that gradually increases in speed, signaling that all players inside of the Cargo Plane will have one minute to exit.
  • Heroes are able to open the exit door and escape the Cargo Plane, although they cannot pry open any crates.
  • The Cargo Plane is the only heist that kills players when it becomes inactive.
  • Like the Pyramid, the actual heist takes place in a room above the map, teleporting players who make contact with its entrance.
  • The exterior of the plane was revamped in the May 5th, 2020 update.
  • Upon prying open a crate, the Raygun's model is seen being collected by the player, despite it showing weapons collected as SCARs.
  • The Jetpack, flying powers, and Frostbite's ice path are disabled inside of the Cargo Plane.
  • Its exterior appears to be based on the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.
  • Unlike the Nightclub raid where Police collect intel to turn in (whereas Criminals collect cash and jewels), Police collect weapons as Criminals do.