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The Cargo Ship is one of the eight primary heists, located at Paradise Pier found behind the Warehouse Criminal base


The ship's arrival or departure can be easily noticed by its loud horn, signaling whether the ship is leaving or arriving at the pier. Upon reaching the shipyard, players must walk up a ramp set on a red crate. There are a few obstacles ranging from jumping over crates to lasers. Past this, they will be met with a yellow cargo crate which can then be cut open (simply by touching it) which can then be entered to start collecting gold. Each gold bar is worth 100Cash.png. Players can get a maximum of 20 bars of gold or 40 with the VIP game pass. It rewards 150 XP, or 300 XP with Double XP upon completion.

Players cannot collect money once the ship starts moving. The Cargo Ship will stay in the port for a maximum of three minutes; after that, it will start departing and does not return for seven minutes.


  • This is the only heist that is on water.
  • The Cargo Ship is the first moving heist in the game, the second being the Cargo Plane and third being the Tram.
  • It previously did not have a map icon, but was given one in the March 20th, 2020 update.
  • It, along with the Bank, are the only heists that do not have Heist Objects in their vault.
  • This heist gives the least amount of money which is only 2,000Cash.pngfor players without a VIP game pass.
  • This heist is good for beginners as it is an easy obby to get the the money and it is right next to the Warehouse Criminal Base.