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Cash (RobloxScreenShot20190219 145624218.png) is the primary currency used in Mad City. It can be earned by every team and can be used to buy new vehicles, vehicle cosmetics, and weapons to help with fighting. Vehicles that are bought with cash are added to a player's inventory and do not disappear upon leaving the game. Additionally, cash is also able to be bought with Robux via the Phone menu.

Cash Earnings

  • Arresting a criminal: 200Cash.png + the criminal's bounty
  • Arresting a guilty prisoner: 200Cash.png
  • Paycheck: 2,000Cash.png
  • Nightclub raid: 750 - 6,000Cash.png
  • Cargo Plane Raid: 1000 - 5,000Cash.png

  • Completing a heist:
  • Main article: Heists

  • Doing Laundry: 25Cash.png
  • Mining Copper: 25Cash.png
  • Making a burger: 100Cash.png
  • Mining Gold: 200Cash.png
  • Mining Diamond: 1,000Cash.png

  • Killing: 25Cash.png
  • Purchasing with Robux:
    • 25,000 Cash.png for 50Robux.
    • 100,000 Cash.png for 200Robux.
    • 250,000 Cash.png for 500Robux.
    • 1,000,000 Cash.png for 2,000Robux.

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