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The Challenger is a two-seater land vehicle that can be bought for 50,000Cash.png. It can be found in the parking lot of the Criminal Base.

The Challenger has mid-ranged performance, with average acceleration and fairly fast top speed, as well as good handling and drifting ability. Overall, it is an upgrade from free vehicles such as the Camaro and Widowmaker (despite having slower acceleration than the former and slower top speed than the latter), and better than cheaper muscle cars like the Shelby and Mustang.

The car was given minor design changes in the June 13th, 2020 update, in which the headlights and tail-lights have been revised to resemble a halo.

Its speed was slightly increased in the September 19th, 2020 update.[1]


  • It appears to be based on the face-lifted version of the third-generation Dodge Challenger (2015-present).
    • Its previous appearance appeared to be based on the original version of the third-generation Dodge Challenger (2008-2014).
  • Its spawn point was originally located at the Paradise Pier parking lot on the far right of the Criminal Base, until It was moved in the December 5th, 2019 update.