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Cluckdonalds is a mini heist that is adjacent to the Grocery Store. It can be robbed for a maximum of 2,700Cash.png and also serves as the location of the Death Ray.

It has two entrances: a front door and a drive-thru window. The interior is divided into three different rooms, the front room, the back room, and a secret room. The front features two self-serve kiosks, a digital menu on the front wall, a Cluckdonalds logo, and a front counter with various items that can be interacted with and a menu directly behind it.

The back room hosts a set of shelves filled with books and other paraphernalia. A keyhole in a book is also located here that, when unlocked with the Golden Key, grants access to a back room that houses the Death Ray.

The secret room features a desk with the Death Ray in a glass case and the Cluckdonalds logo with red glowing eyes behind it.


The front room features three cash registers that can be interacted with by players and a tip jar which grants 250 - 750Cash.png when broken. In the back room, there is a set of shelves with a safe that can be broken for 1,000Cash.png.


  • In Season 1, there was a different Cluckdonalds restaurant which was destroyed in Season 2 by the alien incursion. In the April 13th, 2019 update, the corruption cleared, introducing a new Cluckdonalds located where the previous building once stood.
  • When the April 13th, 2019 update was first released, Taymaster teased players with a riddle: "If pure death is what you seek, be humble and meek, only perfection will complete the test, whom will be rewarded best."
  • It appears similar to a real-life McDonald's location, which could explain the suffix -donalds.
  • In the July 12th, 2020 update, its logos have been removed and tape has covered the front door. However, it is still accessible.