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This article is about the Season 2 boss. You may be looking for the Season 6 boss of a similar name.

Cluckles was the first boss fight to be introduced to Mad City. He made his debut in Season 2, serving as the climax of the season's alien-themed updates and his defeat causing the recession of the alien incursion. He also served as Season 6’s live event antagonist.

Fueling the Missile

To initiate the boss fight, a fuel reserve in the fence of the Criminal Base had to be filled one-hundred times in order to activate a missile launch. Fuel was collected from the Testing Lab by entering a teleporter and completing a small obstacle course. Once the launch was activated, a countdown would start, signifying the missile launch, and it would rise up before crashing down onto the egg, initiating the fight.

After defeating Cluckles, all players involved in the fight would receive the Banshee as a reward.


  • A smaller version of Cluckles was previously trapped beneath a building next to the giant crystal.
  • The rocket that fired out of the Criminal Base did not turn when it got into the sky, instead disappearing and reappearing above the egg.
    • This was also true in Season 6's live event.
  • The Red Glowing Eyes face is visible underneath Cluckles's head.
    • In contrast to his Season 2 appearance, Cluckles had the default Roblox face and a caucasian head during Season 6's live event.
  • Sometime after Season 2, the center in the city was changed into a tree with benches. One of the benches is a memorial for Cluckles that reads: ”In Remembrance of Cluckles, Where He Clucked His Last Cluck”.