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Crates are interactable (occasionally mini heist) objects that fall from the sky at random times at predetermined locations. Depending on their color, they will give either cash or exclusive weapons.

There are two variations of crates in the game: red and green. When one first spawns falling from the sky, a loud hissing noise will play, and a red flare will emit from the ground. signaling its land location. Cash cannot be obtained before green crates land, and attempting to take an item from a red crate before has landed will not yield an item and instead will prevent the player from interacting with it again. Crates will disappear two minutes after landing.

The red crate will give either the Raygun, Minigun, or UZI-S, and the lid of the crate will display its contents.

When the green crate spawns, it can be secured by players in order to obtain 3,500CashCH2.png and 250 XP. To secure, one must stand within the blue circle surrounding it, and the circle will become red as the progress bar fills. As a criminal secures the crate, music will play. If a Police or a Hero steps into it during a capture, the music will stop, the progress bar will no longer fill up, and the circle will become blue again, and only resume once they leave the circle. Only criminals and villains can secure green crates. The securing process can be sped up if multiple criminals are inside the circle, as well as speeding up the music heard while securing the crate.


Red Crate spawning
Red Crate interaction
Green Crate raid theme


  • The golden crate was removed in Season 6.
  • The green crate is the only mini heist that is affected by the VIP game pass, as well as being the only mini heist that grants XP.
  • All red crate-specific weapons cannot have weapon skins applied to them.
  • The red crate previously gave the Tear Gas, Riot Shield, and the Pistol-S as well as the ones listed above.
  • The green crate was removed in Season 1 (Chapter 2)