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Criminal is a non-selectable team that can be joined by escaping the Prison as a Prisoner.

A Criminal's objective is to carry out heists. They have a total of eight primary heists and ten mini heists to rob. Once a Criminal gets their desired amount of cash from a heist, they must return to the Criminal Base or the Warehouse Criminal Base to receive their earnings. Here, a Criminal can acquire weapons, Body Armor, as well as customize their heist mask and bag.

If a Criminal is arrested by a police officer they will be sent back to the Prison and become a Prisoner. They will also respawn as a Prisoner if they are killed (or die after recently being harmed) by an enemy player. Otherwise, they respawn in one of the two Criminal Bases with a Pistol.

Criminal Dogs

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Criminals can adopt a Criminal Dog at the Warehouse Criminal Base for 10,000CashCH2.png to assist with fighting members of enemy teams.


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If a Criminal obtains a Power Crystal from a Hero corpse, they will become a Villain and get the same powers of the Hero that dropped the crystal.