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This article is about the Criminal Base located at Easter Isle. You may be looking for the Warehouse Criminal Base.

The Criminal Base is a building that serves as a Criminal spawn point, base of operations, drop-off location and as a hide-out granted the Police and Heroes cannot enter.

Villains also use the Criminal Base as a drop-off location, albeit their respective spawn is the Villain Lair.

If enough time has elapsed after a Criminal was injured by an enemy player, they will respawn here with a Pistol upon dying.

The Criminal Base used to be located at Paradise Pier, but was moved to behind the Airport in the June 13th, 2020 update.

The Criminal Base is the drop-off point for Criminals performing a heist. A heist is completed only when they enter the doors of the Criminal Base. If a player is in the process of a heist and has money in their bag, then a red map marker marking the Criminal Base will replace all other on-screen map markers. Dying with money in the player's bag will empty it, and the player will be unable to rob the heist location again until it reopens.


The Criminal Base is an average-sized building with modern architecture and a white and red color scheme. It is protected by a large barbed fence that will damage players who touch the top of it. It has two openings; a large gate at the front and a smaller door at the back, which automatically opens for members of the Criminal and Villain team. While criminals do have the capability to hop the fence, members of the other teams will simply be teleported out and be given an error message. As of Season 4, the fence now has a red forcefield that blocks missiles, bullets and Hero powers.


The first room when entering through the front door.

When entering the building through its front door players will be met with two doorways on either side as well as a small set of stairs on the far end of the room, leading to a small overhang with another pair of doorways. The left room features the missile as seen from outside, as well as a ladder that runs up to an expansion of the aforementioned overhang with two couches on each side of the ladder. The left room was used as an exit to spawn boats, but after the base relocated, it became a floor covered with wooden planks. The missile could previously be launched to activate the Cluckles boss fight before the event ended, as well as destroying the city during the May 9th, 2020 live event.

The room players are met with when taking one of the left doorways.

In the right room is a basic selection of weapons and a mannequin adorning the player's clothing which can be interacted with to change the player back into their Roblox avatar's outfit with another mannequin to buy the Criminal variant of the Body Armor. The selection of weapons is (in order): Sniper, SCAR, RPG, AWP, Famas, Grenade, Machete, Knife, Pistol, TEC-9, Shotgun, AK47, and the SPAS.

An NPC can be found next to the back door. Talking to him allows criminals to customize their mask skins and bag colors.

The room players are met with when taking one of the right doorways.

There is also a continuation of the overhang in this room that leads to a small computer room overlooking the rest of its interior. Atop a desk are various stacks of papers, a large computer monitor, cups of coffee, and a smaller laptop. As of May 5th, 2020, a flashing red button can be found atop the desk. The button was used to launch the missile during May 9th, 2020's live event.


  • The Criminal Base is the second location to be fully revamped, the first being the Jewelry Store.
  • The rocket and fuel tank was added to the Criminal Base as an integral part of the Season 2 Cluckles boss fight. The fuel tank was removed along with the boss fight although the rocket remained and was reused for the May 9th, 2020 live event.
  • If a Police or a Hero enters the Criminal Base, they will be teleported out with the message "You are not allowed to enter the Criminal Base".