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The Cyber Plane is a limited aerial vehicle. It was awarded to the first 100 players who earned the ___ badge along with the Animated Stars skin. It is the fastest aerial vehicle in the game on top of having the fastest missile lock-on time, cooldown, and speed.



The Cyber Plane has the ability to fire missiles that deal 50 damage to enemy players caught in their blast radiuses.


At all times, a crosshair is visible on the pilot's screen. When not locked onto a target, it will be white and centered. When a missile is fired in this state, it will shoot straight in the direction of the crosshair. The crosshair cannot be moved, and the only way to aim via this method is by steering the Cyber Plane.


When an enemy player is on screen, the crosshair will lock on automatically by moving over the target and beginning to make a beeping sound. Once locked onto a target, the crosshair will cycle through green, then yellow, then red. When green, missiles will shoot in the crosshair's direction, no matter its onscreen position. When yellow, firing will cause the missile to actively follow the crosshair. When red, they will seek and move towards the target.


When the "R" key is pressed, the Cyber Plane enters a temporary state of transparency that lasts for 15 seconds. During this time, it causes any missiles currently locked on the pilot to unlock. Firing missiles will cause the cloaked state to end prematurely.


  • There are actually 106 owners of the Cyber Plane as Schwifty Studios team members did not count themselves when considering the 100 limit.
  • FamedChris teased on Twitter that players "may be able to get one soon".[1]
    • He confirmed that this will not increase the owner count.[2]
  • The plane is a direct reference to the ADF-01 FALKEN from the Ace Combat games.
  • The Cyber Plane's Cloak ability only turns it half transparent as opposed to the Nighthawk which turns almost fully transparent.