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Dogs are NPCs that work with the Police and Criminal teams to attack enemy players. Police dogs were added in the April 27th, 2019 update, while Criminal dogs were added in the August 9th, 2020 update.

Dogs can be adopted by Police officers outside the Police Base for free, or by Criminals inside the Warehouse Criminal Base for 10,000Cash.png. Their collar and fur colors can be customized with ownership of Pet Plus. Dogs can fetch toys and treats as well as chase down enemies (excluding Prisoners) automatically. Dogs are faster than default players and are invincible.

Dog Toys

There are six items that can be obtained and can be used to play with the dogs.

  • Bones: Can be thrown, causing all team dogs not actively pursuing a player to retrieve it and bring it to their owner.
    • There are also balls, frisbees, and Pongs, all of which function identically to the Bone albeit they are exclusive to the Pet Plus game pass.
  • Treats: A one-use item that will attract dogs to the treat and grant 15 Dog XP. Once eaten they disappear forever, unless taken again at the treat table. Treats come in five.
  • Steak: The Steak can be thrown like a treat, but will only attract police dogs to it. It can be obtained from the refrigerator next to the doghouse in the Warehouse Criminal Base.

Upon throwing a dog treat or toy, all dogs in the vicinity will chase the item (excluding the Steak). Dog treats will be eaten and disappear, while bones and the other toys will be returned to the dog's owner.


When a dog spots an enemy nearby, it will chase them in an attempt to attack and trip them off of their feet. This can be recognized when the dog gains an angry facial expression. If the dog comes into contact with an enemy, the enemy will take 10 damage and they will be stunned.


  • April 27th, 2019: Police dogs added.
  • January 6th, 2020: Dogs now require a whistle to attack Criminals, now only slowing them as opposed to tripping them over.
  • August 9th, 2020: Criminal dogs and steaks have been added. Dogs no longer require a whistle to attack enemy players, and trip players instead of slowing them once again.
  • August 11th, 2020: The price for adopting a Criminal dog has been halved to 10,000Cash.png.
  • August 17th, 2020: Dog hats have been added and dogs can now earn Dog XP and rank up. Treats now grant 15 Dog XP.


  • Dogs will disappear when their owner dies, although they will persist and continue to attack nearby enemy players if they are only downed.
  • Villains are unable to adopt Criminal dogs.
    • If a Criminal were to transform into a Villain with a dog, the dog will not be carried over, and will disappear when the switch occurs.
  • When a player who has adopted a dog enters a vehicle, it will disappear, reappearing when they exit the vehicle.
  • If a player throws a toy, whichever dog gets it will always bring it back to their respective owner, causing it to appear in their inventory.
  • Dogs do not collide with water and will despawn should they fall out of the map.
  • The dog will rapidly teleport if the owner is flying with the Jetpack.
  • Dog toys will occupy the quinary weapon slot, although they cannot be used as a weapon.