Easter Isle Police Station

Ei police base.png

The Easter Isle Police Station was a location added on the April 5th, 2020 update and it served as an alternate spawn location for the Police team. It featured an entrance without gates and an empty garage. The station is also chain-fenced with additional barbed wire on top.

The Easter Isle Police Station was destroyed in the May 27th, 2021 update.

A Keycard is required to open the front door, where the inside features a desk, weapons rack, racks changing clothes, and Body Armor. A basement is also present, featuring lasers and four prison-like cells with red lights above them. A ladder leads to the roof from the main floor, where a Helicopter spawns on top of the helipad present there.


  • In contrast to the Police Base, the Easter Isle Police Station's weapon rack does not have the Pistol-S or Deagle.
  • Police cannot turn in raid money here.
  • This location was not a spawn for Police until the June 13th, 2020 update.
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