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Frostbite is a medium-range Hero that can shoot out high-velocity, automatic ice shards that deal 8 damage per hit. It has a fast rate of fire and can be fired twenty times before reloading. Unlike all other heroes, it is able to pop tires and disable aerial vehicles.

Players with Frostbite equipped will have an increased sprint speed and leave a trail of ice beneath their feet. The ice path has collision and will defend against gunfire from directly below. Considering one cannot shoot while sprinting, the ice path cannot be used as a platform to fire from.


  • Frostbite is the only hero that is not wearing the default Roblox face on their pedestal, instead, it uses the Chill face.
    • This could potentially reference a YouTube video by Flamingo where he suggests adding a hero that shoots ice out of their hands and has the Chill face on instead of the default face.
  • Frostbite's projectiles have the highest velocity when compared to other non-hitscan, projectile-based heroes.
  • In any area where flight is disabled, the ice path will be disabled as well - however, the increased sprint speed will remain.
  • This hero may be based on the DC supervillain Killer Frost.