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The Fruit Store is a mini heist location added on the April 20th, 2019 update. It is a medium-sized, two-story building with modernistic architecture. The exterior is all white save for the front which is a glass window consisting of 11 vertical glass panes, the middle one containing a doorway at the bottom which can be broken into to enter the building. 7,600Cash.png can be obtained by taking everything in the store.

The interior consists of two stories, the first story containing eight tables, and the second floor containing four tables, all of which have various phones and laptops that can be interacted with and stolen for 600Cash.png and 1,000Cash.png, respectively. Each floor has a static grid of lasers. All heist objects respawn after five minutes.


  • The name "Fruit Store" is most likely a reference to the real-life Apple Store
  • The Fruit Store was revealed on Twitter by Taymaster before its release.
  • This is the first mini heist to be added after the mini heists were all given a cash increase, making it the first mini heist that did not have any of its values changed.
  • It is the second most lucrative mini heist, behind the Airport.