Mad City Roblox Wiki

Game passes are permanent benefits that can be purchased in-game via the Phone's Cash app or directly off of Mad City's store tab on the Roblox website using Robux.

There are currently 8 game passes available in the game, costing a total of 3,100Robux altogether.

Game passes

Gamepass Icon Name Cost Benefits
Heavy Weapons.png
Heavy Weapons 400Robux Grants access to the RPG and AWP.
Vehicle Radio 200Robux Allows audio from the Roblox library to be played from vehicles.
Went off-sale as of March 22nd, 2022 until further notice.
VIP 1,000Robux Allows team limits to be bypassed, doubles cash earned from heists and bounties, grants a "VIP" chat tag, and grants the Stratosphere vehicle skin.
SWAT 300Robux Grants access to the M4A1, SWAT Van, and SWAT uniform.
Pet Plus Icon.png
Pet Plus 100Robux Unlocks more customization options for dogs and more dog toys.
Went off-sale sometime in June 2022 until further notice.
Emote Pack 1.png
Emote Pack 1 200Robux Unlocks eight emotes that can be used from the Phone.
Emote pack 2.png
Emote Pack 2 200Robux Unlocks eight emotes that can be used from the Phone.
Mobile Customization.png
Mobile Customization 100Robux Allows vehicles and weapons to be customized on the go.
SCAR 300Robux Grants access to the SCAR.
Double XP 500Robux Doubles XP gained for any action that gives XP.


  • Since the August 24th, 2019 update, NPCs in the Prison promote the VIP, Emote Pack, and the Double XP game passes.
  • Since the March 22nd, 2022 update, Vehicle Radio game pass went off-sale until further notice, after Roblox doing some changes using audio in the game.[1]
    • For players already have this game pass can still use the radio, but with the Custom audio over 6 seconds will no longer work.
    • Compensations in a various form will be given to them in the Chapter 2 game.[2]