Mad City Roblox Wiki

Garages are locations where players may customize their vehicles.

There are currently three garage rooms, a helicopter pad, and a boatyard (currently removed) in-game where a player can customize their vehicle.

There is a dark blue icon in-game marked with a wrench to help players locate the garage and the boatyard.


The garage has three slots that allow three land vehicles to be edited at the same time. Inside the garage, the player may edit their vehicle as they see fit. The garage can be accessed by every team, excluding Prisoners. When a vehicle enters the garage, a menu will appear and players can select what they want to change. While the vehicle occupies a garage slot, the garage door will close behind the vehicle.


The boatyard allows the Boat, the Jetski, the Hydro, the Thunderbird (in its hover mode), the Hoverboard, and some aerial vehicles to be customized. They can be edited by driving them under the canvas.

Currently, the boatyard was removed on May 27th, 2021 update due to the destruction of Easter Isle. As a temporary workaround until the Chapter 2 release, players with Mobile Customization game pass can customize their water vehicles remotely, similar to what they can do on their land and aerial vehicles.


  • Every vehicle except for sea vehicles could have been customized at the boatyard from December 25th, 2019 to March 20th, 2020 due to the water being frozen during the time.