Mad City Roblox Wiki

These guidelines are enacted in order to make sure that certain rules are followed and instated while contributing to this wiki. There is no set severity level for certain offenses; however, if a user accumulates three or six warnings on their account then they will be blocked temporarily - accumulating a total of nine warnings will result in an infinite block, which may be appealed by sending a direct message to a staff member on the wiki Discord. Subsequent warnings after your ninth will continue to be infinite blocks.

If a rule is not listed here, that does NOT mean it does not apply. Use common sense; if you think something that you are doing is going to break a rule, it probably is! Additionally, users should not attempt to circumvent or sidestep any rule listed. As long as you are not here to cause trouble, this section should not apply to you.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Recreation of deleted articles is disallowed unless express permission from a staff member is acquired.
  • Do not revert another user's edit without providing a reason. This is considered vandalism.
  • Do not create pages for content from unreleased updates. You do not have access to them.
  • Glitches or other forms of unintended gameplay should not be added to a page.
  • Do not post or add media that is overly violent or pornographic in nature.
  • Do not attempt to edit another user's profile page.
  • Do not attempt to vandalize an article.
  • Do not edit farm.

Discussion Guidelines

  • Use of profanity is not tolerated on this wiki. Censoring is not allowed, however using acronyms such as "wtf", "ffs", and "lmao" is permitted to a degree.
  • You may only post two off-topic forum posts per 24 hours. Any off-topic forum posts created past this limit will be deleted.
  • Do not comment on a thread or discussion post that has not been commented on in over 30 days.
  • Do not create a post about a blacklisted topic. See the Forum Blacklist for blacklisted topics.

User Conduct

  • At any given point in time, users are to follow the FANDOM Community Guidelines and the FANDOM Terms of Use, including being at least 13 years old.
  • Users may not discuss exploits. Using exploits is a bannable offense and any users admitting to using exploits will be blocked.
  • Users may not have more than one account utilized for contributing at any given time.
  • Personal attacks or other forms of abuse toward another user is not allowed.
  • Disputes should be settled in article talk pages or message walls.
  • Users are to keep any reminders, warnings, and block messages on their message walls.
  • Ignorance of a reminder issued by a staff member will result in a warning.