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The Gun Shop is a location that players can visit to obtain various weapons or customize them.

The inside of the Gun Shop features one aisle covered with eight weapons on either side for a total of 16; 11 guns, an RPG, a grenade, and three melee weapons. Directly in front of the door is a checkout area worked by Taymaster. Behind the guns is a small shooting range with targets of varying distance from the player.


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Note: Not all stats shown are completely accurate.

Weapon Damage Firerate Magazine Size DPS (Damage Per Second)
Sniper 40 Slow 1 40
AK47 10 Fast 30 80
Shotgun 6-105 Slow 6 62.5
Pistol 12 Medium 14 96
RPG 60 Slow 1 60
Deagle 25 Medium 7 75
AWP 80 Slow 2 80
SPAS 4-80 Slow 4 42
Knife 40 N/A 40
Baton 40 N/A 40
MP5 8 Fast 40 80
M4A1 10 Fast 30 100
SCAR 15 Fast 30 90
Baseball Bat 40 N/A 40
TEC9 8 Fast 20 60
Grenade 80 Slow 1 26
Famas 12 Medium 30 96

Weapon Skins

The cashier

Players may customize their weapons skins by talking to the cashier behind the counter. All customizable weapons will be displayed in the ensuing list, allowing players to buy and apply skins to their weapons.


  • The Gun Shop is the only location that features the Bat.
  • During Season 3, it was changed to a wooden texture.
  • The store does not have skins for the Pistol-S, heist-exclusive weapons, paid weapons, and crate-exclusive weapons.
  • Players can still buy skins for game pass exclusive weapons they currently do not own.
  • It is one of the locations that has a map marker that is not a heist, the other being the Garages.
  • Since the Gun Shop transitioned to the wooden texture and back, the shop’s pole has remained wooden.
  • Weapon skins alter all of the weapon including the magazine, which can be seen while reloading.