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Heists are locations that can be robbed by Criminals and Villains (and, to a lesser extent, Police) to earn cash and XP. For each heist, players must return to one of their bases to cash in and receive what they have stolen.

A heist's status is indicated by its map marker. If a heist is open but has not been initiated, the icon will be colored. If it is open and ongoing, the icon will be colored and flash red and blue, and an alarm will sound at the heist. If it is closed, the icon will be gray. The Pyramid, Cargo Ship, and Tram do not have alarms, while the latter two heists and the Cargo Plane's icons do not change color.

Each heist will close after a certain amount of time once a player starts a robbery and will take a preset amount of time specific to each heist to open again. Heist cash and XP stack, meaning that players can rob one directly after the other without the need to drop off rewards.

After robbing a heist or dying while carrying cash from a heist, players are unable to rob it again until it reopens.

The maximum cash obtainable and XP earned from heists can be doubled by purchasing the VIP and Double XP game passes, respectively.

Below is a list of all heists in Mad City (maximum cash does not account for any Heist Objects that may be found in or around the locations):

Heist Location Cash Increments Maximum Cash Obtainable Time Between Robberies (in minutes) Can Police raid it?
Cargo Ship Arrives near the Criminal Base every seven minutes 100Cash.png 2,000Cash.png 7 No
Bank In the center of the map 150Cash.png 3,000Cash.png 6 No
Casino In front of the Criminal Base 400Cash.png 4,000Cash.png ? No
Cargo Plane Starts at the volcano and flies across the map 1,000Cash.png 5,000Cash.png ? Yes
Jewelry Store Between the Bank and the Hero Base 500Cash.png 5,000Cash.png 14 No
Nightclub Vertical to the Bank 300Cash.png or 600Cash.png (as a Criminal)

750Cash.png (as a Police Officer)

6,000Cash.png 15 Yes
Pyramid The desert across the Jewelry Store 500Cash.png 7,500Cash.png 13 No
Tram Rails around the map 170Cash.png, 375Cash.png, 675Cash.png, 835Cash.png 8,025Cash.png ? No