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Heroes are a justice-seeking team that works in tandem with the Police team to fight crime. Players on the team spawn in the Hero Base - a tower located near the Volcano - where they can select one of eight different Heroes, all with different abilities. Their objective differs from that of the Police in that they are rewarded a full bounty for killing enemy players as opposed to apprehending them with Handcuffs.

Power Crystals

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All heroes with a power equipped have a chance of dropping a Power Crystal when killed that can be picked up by Prisoners and Criminals. Upon doing so, they will be converted to the Villain team and receive the same hero power as the player who dropped it.


Hero Power Damage "Magazine" Size
Hot Rod Super speed and faster punches 7
Voltron Faster sprinting speed and jump height as well as lightning bolts 4 50
Vanta Invisibility, faster sprint, and dark energy 8 10
Inferno Flying and fireballs 12 6
Proton Super jump, faster sprint, and laser beams 12 10
Frostbite Faster sprint, ice paths, and ice shards 8 20
Titan Flying and Repulsors 25 4
Archer Faster sprinting speed and jump height, super jump, as well as a Bow & Arrow. 30 10


  • Phantom was originally a hero but was switched to the villain team upon Season 4's release.
  • Phantom was initially named "Dutchman" and was acquired by completing the Pirate Ship Quest. This ability was eventually made available in the Hero base and the quest was set to reward players with Cash. At the beginning of Season 4, the ability was moved into the Villain Lair.
  • Prior to Season 4's release, all heroes available at the time (save for Hot Rod) had the ability to fly.
  • Unlike other teams, this team has a six-player limit for every server.
  • According to the Mad City Discord's "faq" text channel, the hero team is never going to be removed from the game.[1]