Mad City Roblox Wiki

The Hero Base is the spawn point for Heroes that is located across from the Villain Lair. The Hero Base is a tall tower with a large opening at the top that is supported by a sandy bottom on the ocean. There is an elevator in the back which allows access to the top of the base where 8 heroes are located, as well as a Helicopter stationed on top of a helipad on the roof.


  • The Hero Base used to be located inside the Volcano, but was replaced by the Villain Lair.
  • The former Hero Base had an armory, as opposed to the current Hero Base which has none.
  • If a player that is not a hero enters the Hero Base, they will be teleported out with the message "You are not allowed to enter the Heroes Base".
    • Prior to August 24th, 2019, anyone could enter the Hero Base.