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Hot Rod is one of the eight heroes in Mad City. Their power is super speed with increased punching speed. Their super speed is triggered whilst running, leaving a red trail behind them and making a loud noise, and enabling him to run directly over water should they come in contact with it. Hotrod can outrun slow vehicles like the Plane and Rhino.


  • Hot Rod is most likely based on The Flash from the DC Comics universe.
  • Hot Rod's sprinting speed is proportional to their health, meaning the lower their health is, the slower his sprinting. At 20 HP, the sprinting speed will be identical to walk speed, and if his health is lower than that, their sprinting speed will be slower than walking.
  • Hot Rod was the only hero that could not fly when the game was first published.
  • Hot Rod, like all teams, can punch enemies in vehicles, though their fast punch rate makes damaging hiding criminals easier.
  • The noise that Hot Rod makes when running can turn silent when a phone is equipped, leaving only the noise of footprints. This may however, only be local to the player playing Hotrod.