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The House Heist is a mini heist that appears twice, namely, in Sandy Suburbs and Paradise Pier. They are each identical with the exception of their actual locations and their overall color scheme. Overall, players can receive up to 7,300Cash.png from taking everything in the house.



The House Heist has two entrances, each available at the front of the home - a breakable window, and a door that can be lock picked.


In this front room, there is a single stack of cash on the kitchen counter for 400Cash.png and a set of cash stacks on the dining room table for 400Cash.png - the latter is still a single heist object. There is also a TV in the living room that can be stolen for 500Cash.png


Upstairs, there is another single stack of cash and a TV which rewards the player with the same amount of cash. There are two doors that can be lockpicked, the left leading to a small closet with a jewel that can be stolen for 2,000Cash.png, and the right leading to a bedroom with another TV and a safe that can be stolen for 2,000Cash.png.


  • All of the heist objects in the house had their income doubled, excluding the cash in the bedroom and living room, which went from 250Cash.png to 400Cash.png, while the TV stayed the same.
    • On April 5th, 2020, the House Heist was revamped. It contains all of the same heist objects, although there was an overall increase in the amount and therefore the obtainable cash was increased from the original 6,700Cash.png.
  • The House Heist is the only mini-heist that has two identical locations.
  • Heroes and Police can lock pick the doors and take the cash stacks from the House Heist, but they cannot break the window or steal the other heist objects.