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The Hoverboard is a limited hover vehicle. It was obtained by reaching Rank 100 in Season 2. It is similar to the Thunderbird in that they both hover above the ground and can go over water.

If there is enough clearance below the vehicle, the player will lean down to grip the Hoverboard with one hand. Turning in this state will cause it to spin.


  • The Hoverboard has a nitrous flame that is colored in chameleon neon blue/purple.
    • This is a unique feature shared only with the Light Bike.
      • This also makes the Hoverboard and Light Bike the first and second vehicles with an abnormally colored nitrous flame, respectively, followed by the Wraith.
  • It is the only land vehicle that does not have any nitro after being spawned, nor does it automatically regenerate it.
  • It is the second vehicle to be able to hover over all terrain, the first being the Thunderbird.