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The Hyper Glider is a single-seater vehicle that was added in the July 26th, 2020 update. Currently, it is located in the Airport annex parking lot near the orange building. Prior the destruction of the Easter Isle on May 27th, 2021, it was located in the storage shed near the orange bridge.

It is the third special vehicle following the Thunderbird and Hoverboard, and similarly to them, it is a hybrid of sorts with two modes of transportation. When its glide mode is disabled, it is a standard bike with one seat and nitro regeneration, although it is still able to fire missiles. Like other bikes, its rider is directly exposed to gunfire.



The Hyper Glider can be used on land and in the air, the latter of which is faster than the former. When gliding is activated, two sets of wings will expand from the vehicle, although it will remain on the ground until it has enough vertical clearance to take off (i.e., driving off of a ledge, hitting a ramp, etc.) at which point it will begin to glide forward.

Gliding is similar to jet vehicles in the sense that it will cause the Hyper Glider to constantly move forward. It does not travel in an arc, meaning the player can stay in the air indefinitely. It gains momentum by traveling downward (indicated by a white trail appearing behind the bike) and loses it by going upward or straight forward as well as by hitting the map's height limit. If the Hyper Glider's tires are popped as it is gliding, it will not stop. Unlike any other vehicle, players can manually cause it to fly completely upside down, although the game will still attempt to flip it right-side-up, causing the driver to temporarily lose control, spinning around in the air until it finishes repositioning itself.


The Hyper Glider has the ability to fire missiles that deal 20 damage to enemy players caught in their blast radius. These can be fired indifferently to whether or not gliding is enabled. They have a very fast lock-on speed and a fire rate of about three seconds.


At all times, a crosshair is visible on the driver's screen. When not locked onto a target, it will be white and centered. When a missile is fired in this state, it will shoot straight in the direction of the crosshair. The crosshair cannot be moved, and the only way to aim via this method is by steering the Hyper Gilder.


When an enemy player is on screen, the crosshair will lock on automatically by moving over the target and audibly beeping. Once locked onto a target, the crosshair will cycle through green, then yellow, then red. When green, missiles will shoot in the crosshair's direction, no matter its onscreen position. When yellow, firing will cause the missile to actively follow the crosshair. When red, they will seek and move towards the target.


  • It appears to be based on the Oppressor from Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • When a police officer drives the Hyper Glider, police sirens will be equipped on it, but cannot be activated, due to the "F" key being bound to missile firing.
  • It is one of the four weaponized land vehicles, the others being the Rhino, Night Rider, and the O66-Terminator.
  • It is the only weaponized vehicle that allows the pilot to fire their own weapons while simultaneously using its built-in weapon.
  • The Hyper Glider is the only weaponized vehicle that can fire missiles while functioning as a land vehicle.
  • It has the fastest lock-on time of any missile-firing vehicle in the game, as well as having the lowest damaging missiles.
  • This was among the first features worked on by Schwifty Studios programmer ChiefDays.[1]