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The Hyperdrive is a limited land vehicle. It was obtained by reaching Rank 100 in Season 3.

The Hyperdrive's unique aspect is the lines on the vehicle having their color determined by the vehicle's underglow color, which also applies to the trail following the vehicle when driving.

It has a good top speed, acceleration and handling, but is outmatched by the Roadster, GTR and the Cyber Quad.


  • It was the only vehicle reward in Season 3.
    • This contrasted to the usual scenario of having two vehicles each season, which were previously rewarded at ranks 50 and 100.
  • Despite the Season 3 update thumbnail featuring the Hyperdrive with a blue circuits skin, such a skin does not exist in the game.
  • It is the first vehicle with a trail, the second and third being the Nighthawk and Light Bike respectively.
    • It is also the first vehicle with a trail that can be customized, the second being the Light Bike.
  • It appears to be based on the Light Runner from TRON: Legacy.