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This article is about the hero. You may be looking for the vehicle of the same name.

Inferno is a hero that has fire as their power. Inferno can fly and use their power simultaneously, utilizing fireballs as a way of attacking, these fireballs travel slowly, and are about as fast as the RPG's grenade.

Upon hitting a solid surface, the fireballs will explode and will deal 12 damage to enemies. The explosion itself deals area of effect damage that is of a medium size. Inferno's hero power capacity is 6 fireballs, with a 0.5-second cooldown in between shots.


  • Inferno, alongside Titan, are the only heroes that can utilize flight.
  • The damage dealt by Inferno's fireballs were decreased from 20 damage to 12 in the September 15th, 2019 update.
  • It appears to be based on the Marvel Superhero Human Torch.