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The Jetpack is an item acquired in the Airport by use of the Boss Keycard, which grants flight. The Jetpack will allow the user to fly for up to 40 seconds, after which it needs to be refilled over a period of time. The light in the center of the jetpack will gradually change from green to red as it loses fuel, and vice versa. When it is out of fuel, the player will automatically fall down.

Acquiring the Jetpack

In order to obtain the Jetpack, a player should first obtain the Boss Keycard and do as follows;

  1. On the right side of the Airport (in the main building) there is a white door with a keycard reader. Interacting with it while having the Boss Keycard will open the door.
  2. The vault will open, and inside is the Jetpack. Interacting with it will remove the player's Boss Keycard from their inventory and give them the Jetpack.


  • The Boss Keycard is referred to as a "Special Keycard" when trying to open the Jetpack room without the Boss Keycard.
  • When players have the Jetpack, they cannot deploy their parachute while they are falling.
  • Players can still use the Jetpack while downed.
  • Most heroes are unable to use the Jetpack.