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The Jewelry Store is one of the eight primary heists available. The Jewelry Store can be robbed every 14 minutes.

The Jewelry Store once had a different form, but it was revamped in the February 23rd, 2019 update. It was revamped once again in Season 3, removing the buildings at the back. It was slightly changed again in the November 30th, 2019 update, with a zip line connecting the robbery from the Bank, but was later removed in the May 9th, 2020 update.


When the Jewelry Store is open, players must climb up a rope on the right side of the Jewelry Store. Players will then go up onto the top of the building and go around to behind the middle platform to find a rope.

Once the player finds the rope, they must climb the rope and continue straight to drill through the vent in order to enter the Jewelry Store. Once the vent is drilled open, the player can go inside the Jewelry Store, there will be various counters where jewels will be sealed behind a glass cover.

Players will have to punch the glass three times or use weapons that fire conventional firearm cartridges (excluding shotguns) to break it and get the jewels, which give three diamonds that are worth 500Cash.png each. Shotguns, explosives, melee weapons, and weapons that do not fire normal rounds will not break the glass. There is also a jewel covered with a cone-like laser shape while being surrounded by rotating lasers. This jewel can be "smashed and grabbed" to award 2,500Cash.png, which will not count towards the 30 diamond limit for criminals and will award the cash immediately. Only one player can loot it per robbery. The heist rewards 350 XP upon completion.

Once players have collected the cash they want to bring back to the Criminal Base, they can wait until the store closes, fly out through the vent opening using a Jetpack or flying abilities, or by escaping through two open doorways with a big EXIT sign.

When players go through the EXIT sign pathway, they will be met with a room full of lasers. Players will first have to jump over a line of two lasers and crawl under another line of three lasers. After that, they will have to jump left around a rotating laser machine to jump over a few lasers, while a moving line of lasers will force them to crawl when it is coming towards them. Once they finally finish the laser course, players can escape through a door.

Frost Gun Quest

In the February 1st, 2020 update, a quest was added in order to obtain the Frost Gun. The quest is now removed, with the Frost Gun unobtainable.

  1. Using an explosive weapon on the Cluckles memorial tree near Cluckdonalds will eventually make a Crystal fall from it.
  2. To the left inside of the Jewelry Store, there are three rectangles. The Frost Gun is behind the middle rectangle.
  3. Using the Crystal will reveal the Frost Gun.


  • The sound played after the vent is fully drilled is the same as the shield break sound from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • Due to how the game handles interactions, it is possible to interact with the Frost Gun behind the painting without opening the secret. However, this will not grant the Frost Gun unless the player has a Crystal.
  • The glass cases used to be unable to be broken by bullets. However, this was changed in the February 25th, 2020 update.