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The Lazerblade is a special melee weapon that was obtained by unlocking a crate around the interior edges of the Military Base with the Silver Key.

It deals 80 damage per hit and can be swung every second, making it the highest damage dealing melee weapon in the game. Unlike other melee weapons, it will cause the player to play a unique animation and glide forward a short distance, unaffected by gravity. It can also be used to deflect bullets from the front side. The color of the blade is determined by what team the user is on.

In the February 25th, 2020 update, the Lazerblade was made unobtainable by legitimate means, but made obtainable again in the July 12th, 2020 update, although exclusive to the Gun Game game mode.


  • The Lazerblade bears many similarities to the Lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise.
  • It is the third weapon obtainable from a heist, the first and second being the Death Ray and Crowbar, respectively.
  • Raven is seen to be wielding a red Lazerblade in the Lazerblade update thumbnail, although it is impossible to have a power while remaining on the Criminal team.
  • The dash forward will stop any kind of sprinting.
  • The player will not dash forward if they are flying via the Jetpack.
  • Pellets fired from the Shotgun or SPAS will have each of their bullets fly in different directions.