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The Light Bike is a single-seater land vehicle that was added to the game on September 15, 2019. It can be purchased in the orange building parking lot, in between the Fruit Store and the Casino Park Home for 5,000,000Cash.png.

It is a single-seated electric hovering "bike" that, as it stands, is the fastest vehicle in the game. It cannot hover over all forms of terrain, unlike the Thunderbird and Hoverboard. It leaves a trail behind it when moving that can be modified by changing the underglow similarly to the Hyperdrive. It has no startup time, meaning it can accelerate the moment a player has sat inside of it. While inside, players cannot equip any items.


  • It is the first vehicle to be added to the Military Base after the Military Base was added to the game.
  • It is the third vehicle with a trail, the first and second being the Hyperdrive and Nighthawk, respectively.
    • This, however, is the second vehicle with a trail that can be customized, the Hyperdrive being the first.
  • It has the same particles as the Hoverboard and Thunderbird in its hover mode.
    • Like the other hovering vehicles, it does not leave skidmarks on the ground when drifting.
  • It features the same nitro trail as the Hoverboard.
  • Despite the driver of the Light Bike appearing directly exposed, they are only susceptible to gunfire when shot at from directly above.
  • Although the Light Bike does not have tires, it can be disabled if it runs over police spikes.
  • It did not spawn with or regenerate nitro prior to the July 26th, 2020 update.
  • It was located on the Military Base hangar before the location was removed in the May 27th, 2021 update.
    • FamedChris stated in the Mad City Discord server that this is because the Light Bike is already at top speed, and that going any faster regularly would likely result in flying out of the map.[1]
  • Schwifty Studios has considered removing the Light Bike and refunding owners because of its speed and low control.[2]
    • FamedChris stated he would rather remove the Light Bike than the Nero, Rhino, or Thunderbird.[3]