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The M32 is a paid primary weapon. It was added in the September 7th, 2019 update. It is located at the Police Base and can be purchased for 5,000Cash.png. It is not a one-time purchase, and the player will lose it on death, leaving the server, or upon changing teams.

It fires red grenades that deal 40 damage to enemies caught in their blast radiuses. Its grenades are fired in an arc and roll on the ground, exploding after three seconds or when they come into contact with a player.


  • It appears to be based on the real-life Milkor MGL.
  • Along with the Tear Gas and Riot Shield, the M32 is the first weapon that requires a purchase with cash to be used.
  • It is the third explosive launcher in the game after the RPG and Raygun.
  • Its model creates an illusion of it having a magazine size of 8.
  • It is the first weapon with gravity-affected projectiles, the second being the Egg Grenade Launcher.