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Welcome to the Mad City Wiki, a community-run encyclopedia for Taymaster's game Mad City on Roblox that anyone can edit. We currently have 180 pages and 916 images since January 28th, 2019, with a total of 20,499 edits.

Latest Mad City Updates

Latest Update:
June 15th, 2019:
📦4 NEW weapons found in Red Crate drops:
🛡️Riot Shield
☣️Tear Gas
Some hero nerfs.
🐛Bug fixes.

Previous Update:
June 2nd, 2019:
⭐New code on my Twitter @Taymastar
🌋Volcano is getting mad...
🦇New Night Rider vehicle!
🐛Major bug and exploit fixes (Itali/Tank suspension, Auto arrest, Parachute, etc[sic])

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