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The Manual of Style is a guide for new contributors/editors. However, existing contributors/editors may review this guide for a refresher.

Editing Pages

To edit a page, click the orange "Edit" button on the top right of the page. If you find you cannot edit correctly, hover over the drop-down box beside the "Edit" button and click Source Editor. It is strongly recommended that you use Source Editor, as Visual Editor is known to break pages. Some pages are protected, meaning you must be an autoconfirmed user or staff member to edit them, depending on the protection level. Pages may be protected due to various reasons.

When editing pages, keep in mind that you must use proper grammar. Articles should be written in American English when editing, and dates should be formatted as MM/DD/YY. If adding information regarding the game, make sure it is verifiable and a real topic. When referring to a player, do not use "he/she", instead use "player", "the player", or gender-neutral pronouns (after acknowledging the player as "player"). As much as it is tempting to use second-person pronouns such as "you" or "your", they should not be used as the reader should not be addressed. Contractions and first-person pronouns are to be avoided as well. In other words, all articles should be written as formally as possible.

Most of the gameplay is influenced by player choice. However, do not make generalizations/assumptions about players, because these assumptions are not relevant to the game's general information. Glitches should not be mentioned as they can be patched at any time and are not how the developers intend the game to be played.

When creating a page, remember to use an infobox and three sections; Trivia, Gallery, and References, respectively. Some sections may be excluded if they are not applicable. Also, remember to bold the subject the first time it appears in the page (e.g. The Reaper is a limited two-seater land vehicle.).

When you are finished editing a page, press "SAVE" on the bottom right of the screen. Above it is a prompt telling you to add information about your edit, to follow the page, or to mark it as a minor edit, which is required in some cases. If an edit needs to be canceled, you may press your browser's back arrow, leave the page, or click "CANCEL." If you get a warning for session hijacking, press "Try Again", and the page will be saved.

Adding Images

If you wish to add an image, go to Special:Upload, and upload your desired image. To add an image while editing a page, click the image that displays a single painting.

Images must not have any of the user GUIs visible, display other players, yourself, or anything unnecessary unless required. For pages that must have a player's avatar visible, said avatar must wear default clothing or no clothing at all, not wear any special body parts, accessories, etc., and their skin tone must be a shade of white.

Additionally, it is preferred that the image have a clear background and only shows the topic. You may use a service such as for this, or you may do it manually.

History and Undoing Edits

When on a page, you can click the slide-down tab next to the Edit button. There will be an option to view the history of the page. To view a user's edit on said page, press the "diff" link and it will show you the user's edit alongside the edit before that. If a user is adding unnecessary information, or is contributing in a way that violates the Guidelines, you can click the "Undo" button. Doing so will bring you to a page which compares revisions and what you are about to undo. The article edit tab should be left alone in this page, and you must provide the reason for reversion and publish the edit.

What not to do

Edit Farming

Edit farming is the act of constantly adding/changing minor things to a page in forms of different edits. This violates the Guidelines, clutters up the page's History section and the recent changes page. If you noticed a mistake on one of your edits, you are free to correct it in a new edit, but do not do these so-said "corrections" excessively.

Adding useless categories or adding a category and subsequently removing it will also be seen as edit farming. If a page is lacking appropriate categories, you are allowed to add them.

Editing Profiles

Under most circumstances, do not edit another user's profile. Our abuse filter will prevent most of these edits, but that does not mean you should attempt to edit another user's profile.

If you want to see something changed on a user's profile, please ask them to change it, and do not attempt to edit for yourself.

Final Tips

  • Only link a certain page once per article. For example, if you were to link the Nightclub in a page, make sure that it is the only Nightclub link.
  • Do not unnecessarily bold, italicize, or capitalize words to exaggerate them.
  • Do not exaggerate a fact, since it is unnecessary and gives your personal view (e.g. "Mad City is a very popular game.")
  • Do not create run-on sentences.
  • "Based on" is preferred over "based off of."
  • Do not create pages about useless or common things.
  • Do not add an unneeded section to a page, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Express numbers from 0 to 10 in word form unless they are being written as a statistic.
    • If possible, use "a/an" and "no" instead of one and zero, respectively.
  • Do not contract dates (e.g. January 1st, 2020 over 1/1/20)
  • If you are adding a character after an internal link, append it directly after the link (e.g. [[Criminal]]s over [[Criminal|Criminals]]).
  • Do not insert information about anything outside of Mad City unless if it has something to do with it, or if something was confirmed by the developers.
  • To link to Wikipedia, use [[wp:PageNameHere]]. Similarly, if you are linking to another wiki on FANDOM, use [[w:c:<wikiname>:<pagename>]].
  • If you are referencing a link, use a reference (<ref>ReferenceContentHere</ref>) and add a References section at the end of the article with the references (</references>) tag beneath it.