Mad City Roblox Wiki

Mini heists are a category of heists separate from primary heists. They lack the typical attributes of primary heists, such as alarms and map indicators.

Most mini heists feature Heist Objects, which can be directly interacted with to collect cash. When an interaction with a Heist Object has been completed, it will disappear for a set amount of time before respawning.

Below is a list of all mini heists in Mad City:

Mini heist Location Heist Objects Maximum Cash obtainable Currently In The Game?
Convenience Store Near the Car Dealership 2 1,200CashCH2.png No
City Gas Station Road near the Bank 3 1,800CashCH2.png Yes
Outskirts Gas Station Near the Gun Shop 3 1,800CashCH2.png Yes
Café Near the Bank 2 1,100CashCH2.png No
Green Crate Random 0 3,500CashCH2.png (7,000CashCH2.png with the VIP or Double XP game pass) Yes
Golden Crate Random 0 3,000CashCH2.png (6,000CashCH2.png with the VIP game pass) No
Cluckdonalds Near the Bank 4 2,700CashCH2.png Yes
Airport Northeast of the Prison 26 14,500CashCH2.png No
House Heist Sandy Suburbs and Paradise Pier 7 7,300CashCH2.png Yes
Fruit Store In the park 10 7,600CashCH2.png Yes
Easter Isle Café Vertical to the Easter Isle Gas Station 4 2,400CashCH2.png No
Easter Isle Gas Station Adjacent to the Gemini Car Dealership 3 1,800CashCH2.png No
Grocery Store Adjacent to Cluckdonalds 3 1,800CashCH2.png Yes


  • The Green and Golden crates used to be the only mini heists that were affected by the VIP game pass.
  • Police Officers and heroes can take cash stacks in mini heists, but not other heist objects.