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The Nerf Ray is an exclusive primary weapon. It is available in the Police Base and Warehouse Criminal Base, although it is only obtainable once the player has redeemed the unique, single-use code attached to the real-life Plasma Ray Nerf gun via the toy code redemption page on the Roblox website.[2]


  • The Nerf Gun itself was revealed along with Hasbro's collaboration with Roblox on April 13th, 2021.[2]
  • The real-life Nerf Gun appears to have been based on the Death Ray.
  • The in-game model for the gun is identical to the avatar item granted by redeeming a code.
    • The description of the avatar item reads "The city’s yours. Emits high-powered, rapid- fire laser beams when equipped in Mad City. Get this exclusive item by redeeming the code from the official Roblox x Nerf blaster."