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The Night Rider is a land vehicle that was added on June 2nd, 2019. It can be found at the City Gas Station and can be purchased for 4,000,000Cash.png.

It has an unorthodox, elongated appearance, with the hood taking up much of the length of the vehicle with a single seat for the driver in the back. It has two sets of lights along its side as well as a large thruster and four pipes on the back, all of which can customized by changing the vehicle's underglow. It has various "wings" protruding out of the back with a tail light on each end. On the front is a head light appearing as the vehicle's grille.

The Night Rider accelerates at a pace slightly slower than the Overdrive and the Nero, has a top speed similar to the Reaper's, and its turn radius is rather wide although it has very fine drifting. The driver cannot hold any weapons while sitting in the Night Rider.


In the July 26th, 2020 update, it was updated to receive a hood-mounted turret. The turret will face whichever direction the driver's camera is facing with a slow-panning crosshair - this system functions identically to the Rhino's turret. The turret itself is an automatic, dealing 10 damage per hit with a fire-rate similar to that of the TEC-9 (0.133s). The turret overheats as bullets are fired. Unlike other weapons with an overheat system, it does not passively cool down meaning it must overheat to continue firing - in this sense, it has a clip size of 45.


  • The design of the vehicle is strikingly similar to certain variations of the Batmobile from Batman the Animated Series.
    • The bat emojis that were added to the title for its update could potentially reference this.
  • Taymaster asked on Twitter for people to help him name it.
    • One user suggested the name Night Rider on May 31st.
  • It is one of the four weaponized land vehicles, the others being the Rhino, O66-Terminator and Hyper Glider.