Mad City Roblox Wiki

The Nightclub is one of the eight primary heists, added on February 9th, 2019. This heist has the distinction of being one of the only two heists that can be carried out by both Police and Criminals. Completing this heist grants up to 6,000CashCH2.png without the VIP game pass and up to 12,000CashCH2.png with the VIP game pass, and 400 XP, and 800 XP with the Double XP game pass.


To start the robbery, players must first enter an elevator by going up a ramp at the side of the Nightclub. Once done so, they will be met with 1 of the 3 variations of obstacle sets. Successfully passing them will allow players to enter a second elevator which leads to a penthouse.

Variation 1

Several lasers on the ground and vertically moving left and right erratically. Players can use the furniture to avoid the ground lasers, allowing them to traverse through the obstacles with more ease.

Variation 2

Several laser panels of different sizes moving left and right, or up and down the path of the obstacle. Once passed, players will then have to run across a platform with its parts constantly disappearing and reappearing.

Variation 3

The majority of the ground floor is filled with either blue or pink liquid. Players have to jump across platforms and avoid a spinning laser beam, similar to a wipeout sort of obstacle. After that they will have to jump to a ladder and continue jumping across platforms.

The penthouse

Once players have reached the penthouse, they will have to move several objects to check if there is a secret button underneath them. Once found and pressed, a bookshelf in the living room will move, revealing a room filled with guns. Players can then fill their bags with weapons to their hearts’ content, and then escape by breaking the glass or going back down the Nightclub.

Players will then have to deliver their loot to the Warehouse Criminal Base.


  • In Chapter 1, it used to be the only heist alongside the Cargo Plane that the police team can participate in.
  • In Chapter 1, if the player gets the vending machine code, then dies, or the heist closes, the player can return and receive it the next time the Nightclub opens.
  • In Chapter 1, the vending machine will not respond to button presses if the secret storage is already available.
  • Prior to the live event on May 9th, 2020, the interior lighting was purple instead of light blue.
  • In Chapter 1, it used to be the only police raid that gives cash in different increments than the criminal heist.
  • Its alarm sound uses the sound the JACK makes when it is being passed to a teammate from Team Fortress 2.
  • This is, and still is, the only heist that fully allows players to fly.
  • The Nightclub has the most obby variations, with 3 at total.