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The Nightclub is one of the eight primary heists, added on February 9th, 2019. This heist has the distinction of being one of the only two heists that can be carried out by both Police and Criminals. Completing this heist grants up to 6,000Cash.png without the VIP game pass and up to 12,000Cash.png with the VIP game pass, and 400 XP, and 800 XP with the Double XP game pass.


The Nightclub consists of three floors, all of which must be traversed in order to gain access to the vault on the topmost floor.

To enter, one must go through one of three doors on the outer sides of the Nightclub. They must then go to the two gray double doors near a DJ stand up the stairs and wait for them to slice open, activating the heist. Alternatively, if the player has flight powers or a jetpack, they can go through the hatch on the ceiling that would normally be used to escape. Behind the door, a rope extends through a tall vent, segmented by a spinning propeller of damaging lasers in the middle of it. These rotate randomly and may switch directions from clockwise to counter-clockwise. Once cleared, there will be a room with moving circles on the floor. The player must navigate to a doorway in the far right corner.

Within this doorway are two lasers extending horizontally across that are to be jumped over. This leads to a room with the same hatch mentioned prior as well as a vending machine. Past this, another set of six lasers awaits in a small hall. At the end of the small hall, the player will then be presented with lasers in a grid formation with a set of three lasers moving back and forth across the majority of the room as well as a few more lasers further above that may collide with the player, should they jump. After crouching or jumping to avoid these lasers the player will be met with a stairway that leads to the topmost floor. In this room, another set of moving circles will spread across the floor that can be avoided by simply navigating around them or hopping on various pieces of furniture.

On the left of the room, the vault can be seen behind a glass door that must be hacked. Inside the vault, there are stacks of cash and diamonds. Criminals can steal the stacks of cash, which grant 300Cash.png each, and the diamonds grant 600Cash.png each. Police can search the file cabinets for intelligence and can take a maximum of eight pieces of intelligence, or 16 with the VIP game pass, worth 750Cash.png each. These items respawn.

To escape with the cash, one must navigate to the aforementioned hatch or simply go back down the tall vent with the rotating lasers. After being robbed, the Nightclub will be closed for 15 minutes before opening again.

Boss Keycard Quest

Main article: Boss Keycard

The DJ stand in the front room of the heist will have four random colors atop it. When inputting the colors by shooting the respective buttons on the vending machine on the second floor (using a gun that fires actual hitscan bullets, such as the Pistol or AK-47), it will flash green, while if it is done incorrectly it will reset. If done correctly, a "secret storage" compartment will appear at the end of the topmost floor that, when searched, will award the Boss Keycard.


  • This is the only heist alongside the Cargo Plane that the police team can participate in.
  • If the player gets the vending machine code, then dies, or the heist closes, the player can return and receive it the next time the Nightclub opens.
  • The vending machine will not respond to button presses if the secret storage is already available.
  • Prior to the live event on May 9th, 2020, the interior lighting was purple instead of light blue.
  • This is the only police raid that gives cash in different increments than the criminal heist.
  • Its alarm sound uses the sound the JACK makes when it is being passed to a teammate from Team Fortress 2.