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The Nighthawk is a weaponized single-seater aerial vehicle. It can be found at the Airport in a hangar beside the runway for 6,000,000Cash.png, making it the most expensive Cash purchase in the game. It is the third-fastest aerial vehicle, behind the Cyber Plane and Warhawk.



The Nighthawk has the ability to fire missiles by pressing F. The Nighthawk's missiles deal 60 damage to enemy players caught in its blast radius. They can also disable air vehicles in one hit as long as a player is damaged by the missile.


At all times, a crosshair is visible on the pilot's screen. When not locked onto a target, it will be white and centered. When a missile is fired in this state, it will shoot straight in the direction of the crosshair. The crosshair cannot be moved, and the only way to aim through this method is by steering the Nighthawk.


When an enemy player is onscreen, the crosshair will lock on automatically by moving over the target and audibly beeping. Once locked onto a target, the crosshair will cycle through green, then yellow, then red. When green, missiles will shoot in the crosshair's direction, no matter its onscreen position. When yellow, firing will cause the missile to actively follow the crosshair. When red, they will seek and move towards the target. The missiles take a total of two seconds to fully lock onto a target and, once fired, have a cooldown of six seconds.


When the G key is pressed, the Nighthawk drops five bombs that deal 40 damage each to players caught in its blast radius. This ability has a 15-second cooldown.


When the R key is pressed, the Nighthawk enters a temporary invisibility state that lasts for fifteen seconds. During these fifteen seconds, it causes any missiles currently locked on the pilot to unlock. Firing missiles or dropping bombs will cause the cloaked state to end prematurely.


  • It appears to be based on the real F-117 Nighthawk.
  • The Nighthawk has a unique yellow trail behind it when active.
  • The Thunderbird formerly held its status as being the most expensive purchase at 5,000,000Cash.png.
  • In the September 7th, 2019 update, its bombs were reworked and act more similar to the Falcon.
    • Prior to this update, it only dropped one bomb that dealt 60 damage in its radius.
  • The Nighthawk does not become completely invisible while cloaking, but mostly transparent.
    • Animated skins will not become transparent when the Nighthawk is cloaked.
    • The face of whoever is piloting the Nighthawk can be seen while they are cloaked.
      • If the player is using the Titan power, their helmet will be visible.
  • The Plane used to occupy the Nighthawk's hangar before its addition to the game.