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The Overdrive is a two-seater land vehicle added in the March 30th, 2019 update along with the Rhino, Patriot, and Banshee. It can be found at the parking lot under the Tram, and was formerly located at a hangar outside of the Airport, and move on Gemini Car Dealership. It costs 4,000,000Cash.png to buy. It has the second-greatest acceleration behind the Light Bike and very good handling. Its speed is identical to that of the Nero[1] and is slightly faster than the Fury.


  • It appears to be an original design influenced by aerodynamic shape and futuristic styling.
  • From the Jewelry Store to past the Nightclub, at the end of the road, the Overdrive with a supercharged engine can race around 11 seconds without nitro and about seven seconds with nitro.
  • Most spoilers will float directly above the car.



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