This article is about the villain. You may be looking for the vehicle of the same name.

Phantom is a villain that can shoot out medium-range, explosive bolts of green lightning which will deal 25 damage upon hitting a player or scratching a player. Phantom can both fly as well as use their power at the same time, although Phantom can only fly with their ability active. Phantom will be able to fire four bolts before having to recharge. Equipping Phantom's power will make a ghostly roaring sound, and reloading it will make a thunder sound.


  • Phantom was once known as the Dutchman, which Criminals could get by completing the Pirate Ship Quest. However, it was later made one of the selectable Heroes at the Hero Base. The quest's reward was then changed to 10,000Cash.png and the entire island associated with the Pirate Ship was later removed.
    • Phantom was probably based on the ghost of the Flying Dutchman legend, hence the original name Dutchman.
  • Phantom was later the first selectable Villain when Season 4 released.
  • His power was increased to deal 35 damage per hit but it was later reverted to 25 per hit in the September 15th, 2019 update.


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