Mad City Roblox Wiki

The Phone is the interactive menu which may be used for ten different options. All players are provided with one at all times. Phones can be opened by pressing the "M" key or by clicking the menu icon in the bottom right corner. Phones are not inventory items, and thus cannot be revoked through normal gameplay.

All Phones have ten apps which can be opened by clicking on its respective icon. To close the Phone, the player can press the red "X" button, the menu icon, or the "M" key. There is a time display at the top of the Phone that shows the current in-game time in five minute intervals.

7.12.20 phone.png

Phones allow players to do the following tasks:

App Name Functions
Codes Allows the player to enter and redeem codes.
Teams Allows the player to switch between the Hero, Prisoner, and Police teams.
Spawn Shows a list of vehicles that the player owns and can select to spawn. Vehicles can be favorited to pin them to the top of the list.
Shop Used to customize a player's weapons and vehicles if they have ownership of the Mobile Customization game pass. Otherwise, it will prompt the player to buy it.
Cash Opens a menu from which the player can buy cash or game passes.
Missions Shows a list of the challenges currently available to the player, all purchasable XP packs, and the current season rewards.
Options Allows the player to toggle vehicle locks, the muting of vehicle radios, map icons, and other options.
Home Allows the player to change options regarding apartments.
Emotes Shows the list of emotes owned by the player and allows them to perform an emote of their choice.
Modes Shows the list of game modes a player can initiate.


  • Viewing the phone while riding most land vehicles will result in the player's head popping out of the nearest window.
  • The Phone will automatically close when a vehicle is entered or an item is held.
  • The "Missions" button previously had the name "Rewards". This was changed in the February 24th, 2020 update.
  • When on the phone while in a vehicle, the shop icon will be a wrench, while the icon is a Pistol outside of a vehicle to differentiate from vehicle customization and weapon customization.