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This article is about the suppressed Pistol variant. You may be looking for the Pistol.

The Pistol-S is a suppressed handgun weapon. It is located only at the Police Base. Police spawn with it in their inventory.

The Pistol-S is functionally identical to the regular Pistol, with the only difference being that it has a different firing sound, and cannot be customized at the Gun Shop.


  • It is one of two suppressed weapons in the game, the other being the UZI-S.
  • Despite Police spawning with the Pistol-S, it cannot be pickpocketed or dropped on death, with the normal Pistol taking its place in these two scenarios.
    • However, foreign teams can collect the Pistol-S from the Comms Room in the prison.
  • The Pistol-S used to be obtainable from Red Crates, along with the Riot Shield and Tear Gas.