The Pistol is a tertiary weapon. It can be found at the Criminal Base and Gun Shop, from a Police corpse and pickpocketing them, and from searching boxes, barrels, and garbage cans as a Prisoner. It is the only item Criminals and Villains respawn with.

It has a relatively fast fire rate, decent accuracy, but low per-shot damage. Like every other weapon that fires hitscan bullets, it can be used to shoot the Nightclub's vending machine. It does 12 damage per shot with a magazine size of 14.


  • It appears to be based on the real-life Glock 17, which does not carry 14-round magazines.
  • Police used to spawn with the Pistol, but now spawn with a Pistol-S.
    • Despite this, Police will still drop regular Pistols when pickpocketed or killed.
  • This is one of two weapons that can be found by looting and crafting in the prison, the other being the Knife.
    • It is the only item found both in containers in the Prison and from pickpocketing police.
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