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The Plane is a four-seater aerial vehicle. It costs 250,000Cash.png and can be found at the Airport, along with the Buzzard, Scout, Warhawk, Falcon, Cobra, and Nighthawk.

The Plane can be customized using the helipad on the garage. Like almost every other aerial vehicle, the Plane can only be customized with a skin and a window color.

In the November 23rd, 2020 update, it received design changes, along with the Cobra.


  • It used to cost 50,000Cash.png, but the price was quintupled to 250,000Cash.png. Players that had bought it before the price increase did not have to purchase it again.
    • This makes it the first vehicle to get a price change, the second being the Mustang.
  • It appears to be based on the real-life Piper PA-46.
  • It is the second-slowest vehicle in the game, only being able to outpace the Rhino.
  • It used to be located in the hangar next to the Warhawk's, but was moved out of the hangar when the Nighthawk was added to the game.