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Police is a crime-fighting team whose goal is to arrest Criminals and Villains and prevent Prisoners from escaping using a variety of team-specific tools and weapons. Police receive a paycheck every in-game day at 6:10 PM for 2,000Cash.png and 100 XP (4,000Cash.png with the VIP game pass).

Police Base

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The Police Base is located at the front of the Prison. Here, police officers can choose between various outfits and weapons, view Criminal bounties, as well as drop off cash they have obtained from raids.


Police that kill a Criminal or Villain earn 25Cash.png and 10 XP, causing said player to be converted into a Prisoner.

If a Police arrests a player using their handcuffs, they will be rewarded with 200Cash.png along with the enemy player's bounty. XP earned via this logic will scale directly with the bounty at a rate of 1 XP per 10Cash.png. Police can earn up to 6,000Cash.png and 600 XP by arresting a player at maximum bounty. Bounty cash earnings are doubled if the Police player has the VIP game pass.


Similarly to Criminals, police officers can confiscate money from the Nightclub and Cargo Plane and complete the "quest" to obtain the Jetpack from the former heist. To complete the raid and obtain the cash, officers must return to the Police Base.


Police become equipped automatically when they join the game with a Pistol-S, Taser, Handcuffs, as well as other abilities unique to the team.

Ability Use
Pistol-S The Pistol-S is a suppressed mid-ranged handgun that can shoot up to four times per second, dealing 12 damage per shot. It has a magazine size of 14 and a reload time of one second.
Taser A stunning weapon, able to fully incapacitate criminals at a short-range, leaving them vulnerable to attack or arrest. It has a rather short reload time but a long cooldown period.
Handcuffs Handcuffs enable policemen to arrest criminals or hostile prisoners and is the only means by which the team can collect bounty. They are used by getting within a short range of the target and using an interaction prompt, causing the effected player to be unable to use weapons or walk around before respawning them as a Prisoner shortly after. Should a player reset or die by any means that would not automatically arrest them, they can still be arrested using the handcuffs while waiting to respawn. The handcuffs can also be used to eject criminals/prisoners out of vehicles. Players on the same team can free one another from handcuffs.
Tire Spikes Spikes can be laid behind one's vehicle by pressing Q while driving. These will pop the tires of vehicles that pass over them (with few exceptions, such as a hovering Thunderbird). This includes friendly vehicles as well as the player's own vehicle.
Sirens Sirens attach to most vehicles that a police officer enters and can be activated by pressing F. They cause the vehicle to flash red and blue lights and emit a loud siren sound.
Police Dogs Sentry-like followers that will attack and slow criminals when commanded via their owner, doubling as companions that can be played with and fed treats.

Police Dogs


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Police Dogs are sentry-like units. They can be spawned and adopted directly outside of the Police Base.

By default, Police Dogs will simply follow their owners, occasionally teleporting to them when there is enough distance between each other. When their owner enters a vehicle, the dog will despawn and respawn once the player exited it.


  • A vehicle will only be equipped with Police sirens when a person on the police team enters the driver seat, meaning that if a Police spawns a vehicle in, it won't have sirens until it is driven.
  • When a Police dies, they are able to drop Pistols, Keycards, or Batons regardless of whether they are carrying the item in question. Occasionally, they will drop a Taser which can be picked up and fired by enemy players, although it will have no effect.
    • The Pistol-S replaced the Pistol in the default Police loadout, hence why they still drop the weapon.
  • All cars that Police enter will have a unique horn sound.
  • Previously, all teams received paychecks, although this was changed to be unique to the Police team only a few days after release.
    • In the same update, the paycheck amount was increased.
  • The Police team was the only team able to participate in the Cluck Daddy boss fight.
    • Later in a small update, the player limit for a Police team for every server was increased to ten.